Risk is the main source of uncertainty and an obstacle to productive performance in any organisation. Hence, the increasing concern for businesses nowadays is well-timed identification of these risks and their efficient management.

Organisations remain sustainable by hiring the right staff, incorporating the appropriate assets, and carrying out successful activities. You can save money and secure your future by assessing potential risks or incidents before they arise and having a risk management plan in place. Risk Advisory offers solutions for your safety. 


Business & Industry

Risk Advisory promotes business and industry resilience as a major contributing factor to the company’s effective risk management, in which the main focus of security is to prevent any losses, such as financial, informational, loss of profit, or even loss of life.

With Risk Advisory you can see the big picture more clearly – managing security risk does not just increase organisation’s value and its chances to succeed, it delivers stability and sustainability, brings the clients confidence that their assets are in dependable hands, and provides appropriate protection of people and activities.

Legal & Financial

Providing clarity in a complex and constantly changing environment is a crucial factor for enhancement of quality and accuracy of business operations. Key decisions, be it new partnerships, ventures or personnel, have to be based on reliable and relevant data, which is not always precise. Our team focuses on identifying the origin of the requested data, interpreting and analysing appropriate evidence, and providing relevant information, ensuring your organisation makes well-informed and commercially feasible choices.

Social engineering, as means of gaining confidential information and stealing intellectual property, is another major financial and security risk. The attempts could take place through technical methods or by approaching leading members of your staff. Risk Advisory offers information protection, technical support and assurance against social engineering.

Aid & Development

Unfortunately, numerable communities around the world are in need and rely on assistance and support from international organisations. The root causes of such circumstances vary but, regardless of source, it is often a major challenge for the humanitarian organisations to avoid risks while delivering help to highly vulnerable settings. The inability to reach affected populations due to lack of security is a risk in itself that needs to be handled.

Risk Advisory staff have valuable experience in aid and development programms, which makes us an irreplaceable partner in the provision of humanitarian help. Cooperation with us will allow broader access to and impact for crisis-affected communities through the support and protection of organisation’s most important assets – their people.